Client Reviews

Don & Joan

Now that we have completed the "trifecta," Joan and I want to let you know how much we have appreciated your support over the past year and a half. The trifecta in this case is of course the sale of Joan's home, your help in finding our dream home and finally the sale of Don's home of the past 48 years during a time of declining market activity. We always felt we were getting the best industry advice available but your support far exceeded what we consider normal. You were quick to pitch in with your own time to help us prepare our homes for sale and you always had a ready resource when needed to complete a repair or add an improvement to enhance the salability of our homes. To be sure, the process was time consuming and arduous but with your expert help, always given with a smile, we perservered and feel we received full value and then some from your efforts. Thank you very much, Eleonore... thanks for being there for us with your ever-present encouragement and can-do attitude.

Christen & Josh

Smooth, seamless and professional are the words that come to my mind when I reflect on our recent home purchase with Eleonore Reiter as our realtor. My husband and I were able to develop a personal relationship with her while feeling like she had our best interests in mind. I can imagine that representing both the buyer and the seller could be tricky at times, but Eleonore proved to handle this situation with ease and expertise. She was dedicated to making our transaction the best experience and was extremely responsive with educated answers to any question we had. I highly recommend Eleonore if you are looking for a competent and caring realtor to buy or sell a home with.

Joseph & The Contorer Family (Seller & Buyer's Representation)

We can’t thank Eleonore Reiter Realtor Extraordinaire enough! We worked with her for almost a year continuously during a very trying time for our family. She went way above and beyond any remotely routine level of expectations of an agent. Thanks to her efforts and expertise, our family was able to complete the lengthy involved process of preparing an older home for a proper sale as well as then also purchasing a new home and remodeling and retrofitting the home for our specialized needs. All of this was remarkably, efficiently completed, including both of the actual extensive transactions in less than 6 months! I would especially recommend her talents for anyone interested in properties in the treasured Vista Hills Neighborhood of Portland, where I grew up and have now lived in 3 properties in the last 35 years. We would definitely utilize her again and refer her with highest regards to any prospective client looking to buy, sell, remodel or most any other real estate-related needs or interests. Thank you for everything Eleonore!

Annie & Woody English (Seller's Representation)

Working with Eleonore Reiter exceeded our expectations. She was enthusiastic and energetic and very knowledgeable. ELeonore brought us the information we needed to choose a sale price, provided excellent advise on preparing our unit for sale, arranged for a contractor and cleaner to make it look it's best, and promptly had it photographed. She kept us promptly informed at every step of the process. With her help, the condo sold rapidly at the asking price and the process was smooth and efficient. It was a delight to work with her.

Margi Lind (Sellers Representation)

Eleonore was an enormous help to me in selling a property that was part of a probate estate. Initially, I tried a broker with expertise in the neighborhood but found him somewhat uninterested in my questions and concerns. I switched to Eleonore and could not have been happier. With Eleonore everything started to move smoothly, efficiently and at the brisk rate that was needed. I quickly learned to value her knowledge and counsel regarding all aspects of this sale, including upgrades, materials and color palette. She even provided names of contractors who could do the work. Eleonore was a great listener and was very prompt, accessible and professional. I found her open to helping out however she could. On a personal level, Eleonore was always cheerful and very pleasant to be around. Thank you, Eleonore!

Debbie & Todd Siddens (Sellers Representation)

It was a true delight working with you to sell our house on Scenic Drive. You maintained a vision of how to make our home attractive and competitive in the market and worked so competently to reach our goal. It was the wonderful way you coordinated the contractor, painter and maintenance people to prepare the house for sale. You made it look fun and easy. It was great to see the transformation take place and you preserved the natural charm of the custom home that our grandfather built for his retirement. I know you spend a lot of time and energy choosing the perfect fixtures, sinks, counter tops and appliances that worked for our budget and yet maintained a high quality feel. Not only did you work smart but you worked swiftly for the entire process from start to close was 60 days! With the key updates and your encouragement to use a stager, we were able to attract more serious buyers and sell at an optimum asking price. You are the consummate professional and we highly recommend you to sellers and buyers. We wish we could bring you to Texas when we sell or purchase our next home!

Howard & Kathy Miller (Sellers Representation)

Eleonore, you are the best Real Estate Agent we have ever known. All aspects of our remodel and sale of the Condo were handled skillfully by you. Always cheerful, a joy to be around. Your dedication to the task was truly amazing. We'll recommend you to others and will use your services in the future. Thank you!

Sue Merci (Sellers Representation)

Thank you, Eleonore, for all your efforts in selling mom's home. If you ever need a reference, these are your selling points in my opinion: On time and dependable, organized, informed and in contact, access to fine contractors and workers, excellent taste and vision, and most importantly, very pleasant and personable. You have made our lives so much easier, not to mention richer. It was a pleasure.

Mathew Guilfoyle (Sellers Representation)

Working with Eleonore to sell my home was a pleasure from start-to-finish. As a very busy single person, I needed the sale of my home to be quick, quiet, and efficient. Eleonore was able to deliver on her promises, and then some. She inspected my home before we put it on the market to help me decide on an appropriate sale price, recommended a few strategic enhancements that she predicted would help the sale, then let me go to work to produce these items before we put the house on the market. My home literally sold during the first hour it was on the market receiving a bid well above the asking price, and Eleonore did a wonderful job of limiting interactions on my side (at my request) to protect my busy schedule as we closed the deal. I highly recommend Eleonore Reiter to anyone looking to sell their home in Portland, Oregon. Thanks again, Eleonore!

Norma Dody (Sellers Representation)

Thanks, Eleonore, for all you did to facilitate the sale of my property from beginning to end. You made it as easy and stress-free as possible. I especially appreciated your prompt and clear communication. It was a pleasure working with you. I will be glad to recommend you to potential buyers or sellers in the future.

Katharine Holland (Sellers Representation)

I want to thank Eleonore Reiter for all her help when it came time to sell my mother's home. Since no one had lived there for several years, there were a number of repairs and updates that needed to be made before we could sell. She guided us through all this: and then, after the inspection was made & half-a-dozen different contractors needed to come in to bring things up to snuff (plumbing, foundation, grading, etc.), I was overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin! But thankfully, Eleonore stepped in & with her wealth of experience, she had just the right contacts & took care of scheduling & meeting with them to determine just what needed to be done. Did I mention that this all occurred the week before Christmas, & the house was supposed to close on December 30th? As I said, I was overwhelmed. But everything got fixed in record time, thanks to Eleonore, & we closed as scheduled on December 30th. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eleonore Reiter to anyone either buyer or selling a house. Her experience, wide range of knowledge & professionalism all contributed to making her easy to work with & a gem of a realtor.

Rosalyn and Sol Menashe (Sellers Representation)

Words cannot express our gratitude for all the personal efforts and service you gave us as our agent. Your were efficient and professional in every aspect to market and sell our home. We are so happy to know you for the wonderful, caring sensitive person you are.

Understood Unique Needs During Relocation (Buyer's Representation)

Eleonore Reiter was the realtor for our recent relocation to Portland from South Carolina. She was great to work with. She was patient and understanding of our unique needs in relocating from a relatively low cost to a much higher cost market. Her expertise in understanding the complexities of the Portland real estate market kept us from potential mistakes and insured that our home purchase was a wise one. Eleonore is very professional and communicates extremely well. I strongly recommend Eleonore Reiter for all your real estate needs. 5 stars!

Larry and Renee (Buyer's Representative)

We found the perfect house for us working with Eleonore. She listened well to our needs and wants, and she provided invaluable background information on neighborhoods, the Portland market, and the process of home buying. She graciously went to great lengths so we could show our prospective home to visiting family members and get their opinion. She was never “pushy,” but always gave advice when asked. We would recommend her most fervently to others looking to find their own home.

Anu Brixey

Eleonore is the best realtor I have ever worked with. She is intelligent, resourceful, and she will literally work around the clock for you! I could barely keep up with her. She was always available to show us places even with less than 3 hours notice. Once we made an offer on our house, she worked just as hard to ensure that all of the pre-closing responsibilities were taken care of. We didn't have to lift a finger. If we ever move again, there is no doubt that I would choose Eleonore as our realtor. She comes with the highest recommendation I could offer, which is saying a lot since I hold people to extremely high standards.

Tom and Kristin (Buyer & Seller's Representative)

Eleonore helped us with both the purchase and sale of our home – both transactions went smoothly and we were very pleased with the outcomes. She tirelessly made herself available during the entire search, purchase and closing process. She was very patient and kind throughout the process, and was very responsible and professional. Eleonore did a great job helping us get ready to show the house we sold. The pictures in the flyer and the website were beautifully done and our home looked fantastic. Many, many thanks!

Tim and Natalia (Buyer’s Representative)

We have used Eleonore not once, but twice for our real estate needs. We felt confident her experience and expertise can help us complete our real estate transactions successfully and smoothly. Eleonore has proven to be a great resource for many questions we had. She is responsive and has great communication skills. We would certainly recommend her to anyone!

Dennis & Nell

Eleonore Reiter was the seller’s agent for our home in Vista Hills and we can’t say enough about how great a job she did for us. She guided us every step of the way and kept us informed about every visit, every comment on the house, every question posed by potential buyers. We recommend her without reservation to anyone who is planning to sell or buy in the Portland metro area.

Marsha & Steve Hill

We highly recommend Eleonore Reiter. Our house had been on the market 3 months with another realtor, with a long series of unproductive price reductions, before we enlisted help from Eleonore. She recommended two prices for our house. We could list "as is" and use price number 1 or make some improvements/changes and use price number 2. We chose to go with the second, enhanced option. Eleonore led us every step of the way from paint colors to workers. She was in and out of our house almost daily. She was "spot on". After not having any offers during the first 3 months, our house sold the first day back on the market. The new price exceeded the cost of the improvements we made. Eleonore is fun to work with. She brought such a positive, optimistic energy to the project, All the while, she stayed focused. She encouraged us, provided the necessary guidance and shared her extensive list of highly qualified craftsmen. Eleonore knew her market and that local knowledge paid dividends. We would definitely use her again and recommend that you do too! Thanks, Eleonore!

Fred Freymuller

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism in regards to the purchase of my condominium. As you know, this was not an easy transaction. However, without you, I don't know if it ever would have happened. Armed with your diligence and attention to detail, you kept the process moving, and at the same time, kept me abreast of the situation while I was working overseas. A couple of the things that I appreciated the most during this whole thing was your accessibility and follow through. If I called you on the phone, you almost always answered, and if you couldn't, you would call back almost immediately. My emails to you were always answered quickly and thoroughly. This was a big help to me, especially when I was located on the other side of the world. Your diligence in this process gave me the confidence that my agent was hard at work to make things happen and happen correctly. You always had the answers to my questions. It has been a pleasure working with such a wonderful and charming professional such as yourself. Thanks again.

Karin Woods (Seller's Representative)

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Eleonore Reiter to help you with any and all of your real estate transactions. Eleonore helped me sell my townhome in March of 2012. She was always extremely professional, cheerful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Eleonore was punctual and completely prepared for every stage of the process. She was also very helpful in recommending workmen for necessary repairs. Although my transaction was not without some challenges, Eleonore was always informative and on top of the process, keeping me up-to-date as things progressed, She was truly a pleasure to work with and I felt comfortable and safe with her leading the way.

Carl Jones (Buyer's Representative)

I would like to encourage home buyers to seek the assistance of Eleonore Reiter. My home buying experience went smoother than thought possible. Eleonore single-handedly orchestrated everyone in the process including Myself, Loan Consultant, Seller, Appraiser all involved perfectly. Keeping everyone on schedule with the signings and the deadlines, which would not of happened without her drive and expertise. Also, I would like to add that her service didn’t stop at the sale of the house. She helped with a couple minor problems that went undetected in the inspection as well as set up a repair issue with one of her contacts. I have purchased property from other real estate agents and the transactions were completed, the difference between Eleonore and the others would be that of the best fine dining experience and fast food.

Tekla Shelton (Seller's Representative)

Thank you so much for all your help in selling our house this past Spring. From the moment we met with you we felt we had someone on our side who was looking out for our best interest. We were impressed with your professionalism, promptness, follow through and honesty. You were instrumental in helping us get our house ready for the market, making sure it was marketed well and appropriately priced. Your enthusiasm played a huge role in us having two offers by the end of one week. You have truly become the "gold standard" in which we will compare future real estate agents too. If we still lived in Oregon you would be our "forever" agent.

Shan Misthos (Seller's Representative)

Eleonore did a phenomenal job in getting my parent's house ready for market and sold it within 5 days in our very difficult market. As I don't live in the state, her help was tremendous. They had lived in their house for 41 years and she worked tirelessly finding the resources and managing the process to get everything brought up to code, repaired, repainted, re-carpeted and re-landscaped. She's a jewel and someone you want managing this important asset.

B.A and G.D (Buyer's Representative)

Eleonore worked with us long distance to find a home in Portland. Eleonore carefully selected homes, even created a binder for us with room to make notes. She kept in touch with us on a regular basis, either by e-mail or phone if there were any status changes of homes we had identified as "high interest." Once we found a home we liked, she worked tirelessly to present our offer to the seller. Once the house came under contract she worked with us to secure an inspection and mortgage broker. Eleonore did a fabulous job. She was a referral to us from native Portlanders. She is impeccably professional, provides superb service and gets the job done. She listened carefully to what we were looking for… Because we were house hunting with a 4 yo child, she made room for his car-seat and understood when my husband and I had to tag team viewing homes. She also previewed homes and gave us good insight about the neighborhoods we were considering. lt took us 9 months to find the right home and she never wavered, or got impatient. She was always calm, collected and focused on the goal of finding the right home for us. When the time came, she presented our offer with finesse and had us under contract within 24 hours. We purchased the home for $300,000 off the original asking price. We could not have done it without Eleonore's expertise. She is an expert at what she does and we benefited from that expertise…

Shannon Cronin (Buyer's Representative)

We were having a very rough time finding and getting a house with a "friend of the family" real estate agent, who gave us nothing but bad experiences for a year and a half. I saw Eleonore Reiter on Angie's List and that she had an A rating so I gave her a call, within less than 2 months she helped us get and close on a house that we really wanted. She was amazing! Very professional and friendly, making sure to guide us step by step through everything. She went above and beyond what she had to do. This was by far the best experience we have had with a real estate agent and we owe her nothing but the best praise possible.

Laura & Daniel (Buyer’s Representative)

Eleonore found us our dream house. She listened carefully to exactly what we wanted and never stopped looking for properties until she got just what we were looking for. We had lots of constraints on our search--location, price, floor plan, yard--but Eleonore was still able to deliver. She drove us patiently from house to house and helped us envision whether each property would be right for us. Then, when we were ready to make an offer, she guided us through every stage of the process, reassuring us with her deep experience. We were eager to recommend Eleonore to our friends when they moved to town, and she found them the perfect house, too!

Michael & Charlene Pinn (Buyer’s Representative)

You realized early on, exactly what we were looking for in a house, our “sanctuary” as we like to call it. You showed us a lot of houses, many of which we really liked but were not the exact fit for us. However, you kept reassuring us that we would find our sanctuary. We really liked the fact that you never pressurized us into settling for a house that we were not sure about. We had started feeling bad about you having to show us so many houses, but if we expressed any reservations about a house you would say, “let’s move on to the next one.” You were always very professional and patient with us. We feel like we can call you with any questions and you always respond very promptly and with the answers we need. If anyone ever asks us for the name of a realtor, we would have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Wentworth Family (Seller’s Representative)

We couldn't have been more pleased with the way Eleonore handled the sale our family home on SW Hawthorne Lane. Her biggest asset is that she knows the Vista Hills area like the back of her hand and prices the homes to SELL! She staged our house perfectly. When we needed repairs after the inspection, she had just the right people to make it happen. We sold our family home quickly during a tough market due to Eleonore’s professional "let's make it happen" attitude.

Tina & Steve (Buyer’s Representative)

Eleonore Reiter came highly recommended to us by a good friend. As first time home buyers moving to Portland from the Midwest, our long distance home search was made challenging by inexperience, limited time, limited knowledge of the area and our transition to new jobs at the time of closing. After discussing our situation and our ideal home with her, we pored over home listings and identified houses we wanted to see on our two trips to Portland. We spent 3 full days with Eleonore visiting homes in our desired location. Her extensive knowledge of the Portland residential areas gave us a good feel of the neighborhoods we visited. She maximized the use of our time by identifying homes that met our needs and specifications. At Eleonore's suggestion, we saw a house not originally in our list of homes to look at. We fell in love with the place and bought it! Eleonore's advice and recommendations were instrumental in making our first home purchase go very smoothly: beginning with the home search, to choosing a mortgage broker, home appraiser, home inspector, and finally closing while we were still living in the Midwest. We are extremely happy with our new home and would wholeheartedly refer anyone looking for a home in the Portland area to Eleonore

John Snyder (Buyer & Seller's Representative)

I've had the pleasure of working with Eleonore Reiter on four different home transactions and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She's a true professional who stays focused on her mission, and I truly appreciate her personal attention to details and quick responsiveness. Her years of experience and wealth of valuable resources have been repeatedly used to my advantage. She's earned my friendship and respect, and will always be the first person I contact for my real estate needs.